Mr. Serruto is a Trial Attorney who represents Businesses and Individuals
Mr. Serruto has taken numerous cases to successful verdicts.
Following are just some of the top areas of practice:
- Contract Disputes
- Business Transaction & Issues
- Business Disputes
- Consumer Fraud
- Catastrophic Personal Injury
- Transactional Real Estate
- Real Estate & Estate Litigation
- Chancery Litigation
- Criminal Law
- Crime Victims
- DWI specializing in drug impairment including prescription drugs & DWI Blood Specialty


We offer you a voice in the court system that is heard and respected. Established in 1992, The Serruto Law Firm is a full service boutique law firm with over 25 years of experience.

Mr. Serruto has engaged in the general practice of law for over 25 years when he started the Serruto Law Firm. He built many relationships with his clients, colleagues, and other professionals in different fields and different offices of the government throughout the state of New Jersey.

Because of his extensive experience in both civil and criminal law, one of the special areas of law Mr. Serruto handles is representing crime victims. He works with families during an emotional time to help them navigate through the criminal prosecution process. He then litigates for civil damages to help victims and their families compensate for their suffering.


Serruto Law Firm


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Contract Disputes


Catastrophic Personal Injury

Transactional Real Estate

Real Estate Litigation

Business Disputes

Criminal Law 


Consumer Fraud

Chancery Litigation